Dreaming of Life, Dreaming of Love, Dreaming of Law


Dreaming, imagining, fantasising, manifesting. For all fellow law students out there, doesn’t law get you down sometimes? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love law school and I would probably marry it if I could (one day, it might even seem like I have married the law), but every now and again you start to wonder what life will look like on the other side of this degree. Will I get a job? What if my transcript isn’t good enough? What if I haven’t done enough extra curricular? What if I don’t have enough experience working in a firm? It starts to feel like the choice won’t be yours. I know many days I feel like I will accept any job offers given to me on graduating (if any). But what about what I want? What if I don’t want to do my articles in a commercially based firm? What if I don’t want to have to travel for hours a day or move away?

Today I am deciding to follow the dream I want, and to visualise this dream so that it can become my reality. Here’s an example of manifesting what it is you want and receiving it. About 6 months ago my partner and I made the decision to move out together into a unit. Rent in our area is expensive and you often don’t get much out of what you pay. The places are often old and dingy and unclean. Then we found a unit that was so uneblivingly picturesque and perfect, it made no sense that it existed. And it existed at a fraction of the cost of the others, in a prime location, was modern and new and even came with a gardener once a month! Don’t even get me started on the natural light that shines through the windows at all hours of the day…

To say I wished that our application would be successful to get this house would be an understatement. I dreamed about it constantly, I day-dreamed, I dreamed in my sleep, and I spoke about this house to my partner like we already had it. I planned where furniture would go, I planned what kind of outdoor setting we could fit in the backyard, I found a space for our pet bunnies and our turtle and I can promise you that my every waking thought was possessed by the idea of living in this house. And voila! I am writing this sitting in that exact house. When we went into the real estate agent to pick up the keys, the receptionist told us how lucky we were because the house had had over 40 applicants look through it. We are university students who are young and only just starting to find our way in the world, and I still can’t believe they gave it to us!!! Maybe it sounds silly, but I’d like to think that I visualised myself living here so much so that I manifested this house to become ours.

Success comes at a cost – you have to be willing to work incredibly hard and give it your all. Sometimes you don’t realise though, that having a dream and being sure of what it is and what you want enables you to work towards that without ever consciously realising that you are doing so. I am not saying sit back and just dream and suddenly everything you wish for will come your way. I am saying that when you have a dream and you can sit down every night and feel like soon it will be a reality, that means you have already done what is required to get there. Each time you feel that little bit closer, give yourself a pat on the back and go out and treat yourself.

Only you can make your way in this world so dream big and have the courage to make those dreams your reality!

Dani x


If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Will Not Catch Either One


Welcome future readers to my first blog post. It is approximately 8:15PM and I am sitting on my couch in my tiny unit completely and utterly exhausted and looking forward to my impending time off. I often feel this exhaustion, but today it has worn me down into being a super emotional and hormonal lady-beast who cries whilst watching Dr. Phil and orders pizza for dinner because cooking may throw me over the edge. (Seriously, just thinking about peeling carrots or boiling water makes me want to scream. And also, I am sure other people shed a good old tear whilst watching Dr. Phil sometimes. Or Jerry Springer). I guess this isn’t just ‘Welcome to my first blog post y’all’ but  ‘welcome to my interesting(?), busy(!), and often comedic life(!!) which I will now detail in this blog post and many others. And so it begins….

It is true, if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. I should know, I have two of them and they are fast little buggers who seem to mind read you and know just when to hop away. I am 90% sure that this Proverb is telling me to stop doing all of the things, to just focus on one thing and be good at it. I love this saying, I love how true it is. Of course you will not catch either rabbit, when you divide your time into a million different things each day at least a few of those things are going to be done half-assed. Or, like me, if you do one thing half-assed suddenly all of it is half-assed. Today I kind of tidied my house, sort of studied and almost exercised. And I definitely did NOT eat healthily (see pizza, paragraph 1).

My point in starting this blog is to learn more about myself through expressing my inner dialogue and to also learn to appreciate and love my life more than I do. If you cannot already tell from my already penned inner dialogue above, I do a lot of things: (Cue whinging). I complain about these things all of the time. I complain that I am busier than everyone. I complain that I am more tired and more exhausted than everyone. When others are tired I make them feel guilty by reminding them I am doing way more – (‘wow you worked 10 hours today? Gosh I worked 12 and then I did 5 hours of case studies and then I ran 50km and then I did 8,000 loads of washing, and then I made a green smoothie with so many healthy things and it tasted amazing (*tasted like the smell of cow excrement*…’). The funny truth to all of this is that I don’t hate my life, but I sure seem to bitch and moan about it a lot.

The reason I am busy is because I made myself busy. I am chasing a million rabbits. The truth is, we all are. What’s that saying about not judging a person until you walk a mile in their shoes? So today marks the day I am going to stop complaining and start thanking some unknown and unexplained non-religious force who gives me life. Oh, and stop out-busying others to make them feel compassion for me. This is easier said than done, watch this space, I am sure I will complain in future. I am certain something is really going to grind my gears. But for now I am content in saying to myself ‘be happy’ and ‘shut-up’ and other inspirational and nice things.

Today also marks the day I am quitting sugar, learning to fly an aeroplane, promising myself to read 30 books a week, clicker-training Penny my lop-eared bunny into jumping through hoops, entering a marathon and designing my own clothing line inspired by Kate Middleton. And maybe also stealing Kate Middleton’s baby, damn that child is cute. I promise my future posts won’t expose my A-type personality so much.

Love to all you non-existent ghost like  followers,

Dani x